Bootstrap concerns or limitations

Bootstrap is good but not perfect. This page is for discussion concerns we have about it, for pointing out its limitations, and so on. And, since we have made the decision to go for Bootstrap compatibility, let's also try to find solutions, workarounds, etc. where necessary.

  • There is a danger of all the Tiki themes looking like only color and typography variations of the same design, so we have to document how to change the default look, such as on Updating a theme for Bootstrap.
  • How do we handle the limitation when there is too wide table or other element in the middle content ? LiteCSS pushed the right column to the right. Bootstrap overflows the right column and needs a class for the table element adding a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom ? That is not ideal workaround.
    • I agree. Do you have any ideas? But we have to consider that the grid and overall width may be the top priority for some people/sites/etc.
  • Tiki has 3rd and 4th level menus, and some users have data but Dropdown submenus are gone in v3.

Page last modified on Thursday 21 of November, 2013 21:08:12 GMT

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