Bug reports

Bug reports for theme and visual issues. Please indicate as much detail as possible, which browser is affected, etc. Screenshot is essential.

Broken since Bootstrap: Items that have now broken since Tiki 13
Not yet Bootstrap: items that don't seem to be picking up bootstrap CSS
Not yet Responsive: tasks that require us to change classes and maybe width of item
Grunt Work: Item that needs to be repeated and requires someone to do the grunt work
Other: Doesn't fit in the other categories (ex.: not Bootstrap related)

Items 20

Summary Assigned to Reported by Category Created Last modified Comments
Harmonize jQueryUI ThemeRoller with Bootstrap themes marclaporte Not yet Bootstrap 0
Testing upload of file to tracker chibaguy 0
Username and password input box size mismatch marclaporte Broken since Bootstrap 0
Add Module button doesn't work manivannans pascalstjean Broken since Bootstrap, Other 0
having pref user_assigned_modules and feature_modulecontrols enabled makes left and right columns disappear gezza Broken since Bootstrap 0
Research & pick a Bootstrap toggle component marclaporte Other 0
Make FullCalendar use Bootstrap classes and be responsive marclaporte Not yet Bootstrap, Not yet Responsive, Other 0
Theme option: not working on the module switcher marclaporte Broken since Bootstrap 2
Leftover "Loading..." marclaporte Broken since Bootstrap 1
Save Modules button doesn't appear anymore pascalstjean Broken since Bootstrap 0
"save" button in tiki-editstructures pascalstjean Broken since Bootstrap 1
How are we going to handle images as to not break the grid pascalstjean Not yet Bootstrap, Not yet Responsive 2
Cookie Tab not working anymore pascalstjean Broken since Bootstrap 0
Module Menu type structure shows structure tree wrong pascalstjean Broken since Bootstrap 0
Tracker Fields width needs to be percentage, not fixed width pascalstjean Not yet Responsive 0
WikiPlugin Help Popup not working Broken since Bootstrap 0
Regular Editor is not responsive Not yet Responsive 0
New Blog Post edit page seems Fixed Width Not yet Responsive 0
Custom Module Data Box not showing Data Broken since Bootstrap 1
Nested tabs marclaporte Broken since Bootstrap 0

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