* TO REQUEST THIS CODE AS CSS FILE TYPE USE: tiki-index_raw.php?page=Tiki_org_family_headers_fix_CSS&clean&textonly&download&css
* Example: <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://themes.tiki.org/tiki-index_raw.php?page=Tiki_org_family_headers_fix_CSS&clean&textonly&download&css" type="text/css"> or @import url("https://themes.tiki.org/tiki-index_raw.php?page=Tiki_org_family_headers_fix_CSS&clean&textonly&download&css");

/* START of Move this into the fivealive-lite theme CSS (the rules with "auto" values can be actually deleted from the less -- luci) */

body.tiki.navbar-padding, .layout_fixed_top_modules, .layout_social_modules {
  padding-top: 39px; /* before was 48px - needed change in the hide top nav on scroll module too */
.layout_fixed_top_modules .top_modules, .navbar-fixed-top {
  height: 39px;
.navbar-fixed-top .btn, .layout_social .topbar_modules .btn, .layout_social_modules .topbar_modules .btn, .layout_fixed_top_modules #top_modules .btn, .navbar-fixed-top .btn-link, .layout_social .topbar_modules .btn-link, .layout_social_modules .topbar_modules .btn-link, .layout_fixed_top_modules #top_modules .btn-link {
  margin-top: auto;
 .layout_fixed_top_modules .top_modules { min-width: 50%; }  /* create enough width for module contents */

/* END of Move this into the fivealive-lite theme CSS */

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luci, 14:22 GMT, : @Bsfez: :-D
Bsfez, 09:52 GMT, : This is really a nice Tiki !
chibaguy, 10:32 GMT, : Site admins: Be careful about editing the topbar menu, which is in a small space. I had to fix an option that should be a menuSection, to prevent overflow.
Torsten, 19:44 GMT, : hidden functionality "; recommitted in trunk, tested and working. Documentation under way on [Link]
chibaguy, 16:45 GMT, : The layout template can now be changed using the "Layout" module above. :-)