Theme and config issues at pre-dogfood servers

In October 2018, checking branch 19 on the "next*" sites....


  • Homepage bg color isn't full-width, so at themes.t.o, I changed the selector to body.
  • The site title and image in the page content need to be changed to flex layout.
  • The pagebottom module zone should be changed to display:grid (or anyway, not display:flex which is the default for Tiki 19) but this can wait until after themes.t.o is updated to 19.
  • The Marketplace Themes page isn't display the theme thumbnails,etc. properly. This can probably also be fixed after the themes.t.o update.


  • Inline CSS on https://next.tiki.org/HomePage makes jumbotron too wide and text size too large IMO.
  • I added some classes to row divs on tiki.org/HomePage to implement flex layout of columns. We can check after the next SVN and db updates.
  • Navbar class="fixed-top" is missing.

Page last modified on Wednesday 03 of October, 2018 09:47:19 GMT

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